Medical Services and Vaccinations

The importance of pet exams:

Regular pet exams increase an animal’s chances of living longer. At Burnet Road Animal Hospital we want to help you build and maintain a stronger, lasting bond with your companions and give them the care they deserve as part of your family.

The pet exam is a critical first step that also lays the foundation for your companion’s care in the years to come. Our goal is to provide them with maximum protection against illness, and early and effective treatment in case infection or disease does develop.

Keeping your pet healthy with cat and dog vaccinations:

Like us, dogs and cats can be vulnerable to infectious diseases if they aren’t vaccinated. They are also more at risk of spreading diseases to other pets and even people. When pets are healthier, their community is also healthier. Burnet Road Animal Hospital offers cat and dog vaccines to protect animals against a variety of diseases, including rabies, distemper, and more. We tailor every pet’s vaccination to their specific needs and lifestyle, so they have maximum protection with minimal risk of side effects.